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Lynny Brown, owner of SEObyCanz and co-owner of CANZ Design is a self professed computer nerd and extremely knowledgeable SEO specialist.  Lynn has refined her skills as the industry has developed, always researching, constantly growing and adapting as the internet becomes more and more sophisticated.  There are many definitions of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but the easiest way to describe the process in non-tech speak is to say she ‘makes websites findable in search engines’.
Lynny’s internet career has been a long progression of self taught skills based upon her fascination with the way websites and search engines work; beginning, as many of us do, with a homemade website that no one could find.  That was the beginning of her always evolving solution to solve the puzzle; how to make a site visible, have people find and use what was online and available.
A computer changed Lynny’s life. She was confined to a wheelchair and bedridden (a result of a broken back injury), when she got her first computer. Her first project was a locally marketed cook book made up of recipes from her own kitchen and contributions from a few friends.  Next: a personal web site which was the start of a lifetime passion.
2001 was a focal point for Lynny Brown; 3 things happened that would change her life.
She bought a digital camera, her life partner Kym, traveled from California to New Zealand (CA-NZ) and together they begin their first online business, which appropriately was called CANZ. 
The first Canz ( was a stock image bank they developed to market the thousands of photographs she and Kym took while traveling throughout New Zealand. Within a couple of years this small shoestring enterprise grew to become the second largest image bank in New Zealand offering upwards of 50,000 photographs and graphics from artist all over the world.  Lynn’s fascination with search engines grew as she began optimizing and marketing the website that now contained upwards of 50,000 pages.
During this period of time they begin building professional websites for other small businesses and the second Canz ( was off and running. Quickly the newly developed skills of web design and SEO techniques was divided between the two business women; the design handled by her partner while Lynny utilized all the knowledge skills she acquired in her specialty: Search Engine Optimization, marketing and strategy.
Soon there was a third Canz: SEObyCanz ( a site developed to focus on the growing clientele that had use of Lynn’s specialty Search Engine Optimization for web sites.
In 2008 Lynny and her partner moved to the United States where she soon met a chiropractor who fixed her chronic back pain, enabling her to do many of the things she could do before her accident 17 years ago.  She built that chiropractor a website that is search engine friendly and optimized for the services her chiropractor offers.
While researching chiropractic websites and internet marketing for that specialty she became aware that many chiropractors where in need of SEO and internet marketing advice. Because of her interest in the field and the way chiropractic treatment has helped her personally she began focusing on SEO for chiropractic web sites.
Lynn Brown, herself a gay woman that operates a full time online business, has a keen interest in woman owned and operated businesses.  She has helped several women to get their websites ranking well in search engines and producing results that make money.
Investing in Women Offer
 She is offering a special deal for members of ‘Investing in Women’ that have built own websites; women who have control and want to keep control of their websites.  Lynny is now offering women like this a SEO consultation service that includes a full website analysis and detailed instructions on what that owner can do to make their website rank better in search engines for less than half the price she normally charges for this service. This offer is only for women that are members of Investing in Women.
Instead of the usual $3500, she charges for consulting, women who own and run their own websites get this service for $500 deposit, and then 4 monthly payments of $250; a total of $1500, the balance which can be paid over 5 months.
Of course if someone wants a crash course they are welcome to pay the full amount. The skills you learn will be specific to your own website and should not be transferred to other sites, as often these techniques could be detrimental to another website it was not specifically designed for.  Good SEO is developed for one website as each site must be analyzed with appropriate methods applied to it.
There are three rules for this offer.

Regards Lynny

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