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I've been working with a client in New Zealand for a year. The business is a home business, started about 5 years ago, I've written about it before.
The website when I started was getting about

30,000 page views a month
, August of 08, by September 09  that same website got just under
1,000,000, yes 1 million page views a month.

Now let me explain, page views are not the number visitors, it's the number of pages visitors viewed over a month.I find this is a better way of seeing whats going on on many sites for the following reasons.

About 50%-60% of visitors leave a site, or bounce, without viewing more than one page, I won't say how many visitors, but you can do the math, for a million pages looked at, the number of visitors are up there....that sort of result would put some very busy forums to shame.

That's a very impressive growth in just one year...I can't take all the credit though,

this owner did put a heck of a lot of work into the website.

Even moving a large homemade website onto a database website, increasing the number of pages from about 500 to over 1700 pages was all work this website owner did herself, with just a few emails from be explaining what to do. 

I have other seo consultancy clients that don't have anywhere near the success of this website, with consultancy, I can only suggest what needs doing, the rest is up to the website owner.
This website owner didn't take on all my suggestions, but the ones she did take on, she made an outstanding difference to her website traffic... it just shows though, sometimes all that's needed is a little direction, to make a online business a success...

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