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Website design packages seem to be something clients wanted to see so here they are on Canz Design website.

Brochure Website - 1 or 2 webpages ideal for small business Price $520

Basic Website Package - 4 to 6 webpages these websites generally don't sell products, however a motel Basic site may add a booking service. Price $820

Small Business Website - 8 to 12 SEO friendly web pages, with a blog installed if required, this type of website usually doesn't have a store, just wanting more pages than a basic website, but may sell 4 or 5 products. $1320

Corporate Website Packages - About 20 pages, Corporate websites don't sell products, there sole use it to introduce a larger business or company. It may have a summary of company operations, a history, and mission statement, information about key corporate staff members, an investors section, etc, it may  from $2220

Ecommerce Package: 10 or so non product pages(home, about, T&C, returns Policy etc) unlimited store categories and products, load products yourself, make extra pages, be your own boss.  $2620

Custom Designed Websites: Which could include any type of website like,
Custom built website applications, Artist Portfolios, Chiropractic Websites, Dentist Webistes, Travel and Booking Sites, Interactive Commity Websites

Check out the website packages and remember any package can be upgraded or combined, but you have to stop somewhere.

Regards Lynny

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