SubmitEaze Waste of Money

I brought submiteze a couple of versions back, and have nothing but problems with it at first it seemed ok, and I was quite excited about it after watching the videos.

I wrote to submiteze so-called support team, at first they seemed helpful, but after a few emails, when they realised they weren't dealing with some idiot, but a program beta tester, who actually helped them improve a couple hinks, but on my part spent over 100 hours, trying things, uninstalling programs, reinstalling, blah blah, their emails became flaccid as a limp di@% and wearisome.

They blamed it on a program conflict with submiteze, so i installed it on a brand new computer, with only windows and a zip program and installed still issues.

I asked for a refund for submiteze and they said since I had installed it, I couldn't get a refund,  
yeah like I could have tested it without installing it.

My recommendation don't get the submiteze, it seems like once of those things that looks great, but in reality makes the whole process of submitting sites to directories long draw-out and tedious, because you have to write to the developers as well, to get the darn program to work.

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