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Doing SEO for Doctors websites is very different to many other types of websites.

Unlike e-commerce websites, a doctor isn't interested in attracting visitors from all over the country, or world.

A doctor will more interested in attracting visitors, that are likely to become patients, and therefore live in the same area as the doctors office.

I am currently working on a doctors website, which when I started, it was getting plenty (over 2000 a month) of visitors from India... this doctor office is in Los Angles.  It was only getting about 10 visitors a month from Los Angles... I guess it goes without saying, they had never had a new patient coming from their website. 

India is where the last SEO was from, and although there were several reasons for this result, including them paying other Indian workers, one dollar an hour to click on links to their clients websites, there was also no website optimization for local visitors.

This takes a very different type of SEO than an e-commerce or most other types of website that goes without saying, I have worked with several doctors websites, and have not made any of the websites search engine friendly in exactly the same way.

Most SEO's, in fact every SEO especially if they are trained in some sort of school, don't "get" this, they have a set way of SEO'ing a website, a set list, they do each thing on that list, and they don't concieve theres another way of doing SEO.

I guess with me, since I learned SEO from trial and error, and have been doing SEO professionally for over 10 years, I have a whole arsenal of ways of making a website appear in search engines in a particular way. And even now, I spend a certain amount of time tryout out new things,or different ways of making some technique work better.

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