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I came across a website or group of websites last night that I would love to work on. The websites were for a large RV company here in the States called Keystone, they have about 50 different types of trailer camper vans and from what I could tell there's a website for EACH different type of RV, so that's at LEAST 50 different Websites.

The really sad thing is, they are actually quite difficult to find in the sites search engines unless you already know the name of the RV you want. However if you are just looking for RV's or information about RV's, buying RV's etc, all those sites are no-where to be found.

With an investment of say $1500 per website for SEO, some careful planning by the SEO, by the start of the summer, this company could rule google and other search engines, ranking for all placements on the 1st and 2nd pages of search engine results for every conceivable search that was about RV's. When you think that the sites of there's I checked had about 95 pages each, this extra expense would be well worthwhile, and probably the return on investment would be made within a couple of sales.

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