Graphic Designers Up's and Downs

This blog will take a candid look at the life of a graphic designer website builder, and SEO.

With a bad disposition, not enough work, too much work, for not enough money.
Someone that makes a great product, is expert at SEO, but has clients that would drive anyone up the wall.

Visit our website, and I promise I won't moan about you on here.... just tell me, you found me through this blog, and I promise you will go into the "don't bitch about this client on Blog Folder lol.

Regards Lynny
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SEO Guru Extraordinaire

SEO Guru Extraordinaire
The Dylexic yet Best SEO Around, an SEO that didn't learn SEO through book learning, but through the school, of mistakes and stuff up's. An SEO that get's Results!!! Not just a pretty face, and a cool hat. Contact