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I have been very busy doing various SEO jobs for both our own site, and a variety of websites I am SEO'ing at the moment.

One our own site, I have been writing various articles and adding them to the site, fixing up links within out site, and tweaking the meta tags of the site. I have also posting in several forums, and have written about 7 articles for Buzzle an article website. You can check out my articles on Buzzle by looking here
I'm about to start taking screen shots of our SEO friendly CMS, there's been a lot of interest from Artists and photographers wanting an easy way of displaying their images.

The other sites I do SEO work on, have been having great results, has yet again increased it's visitors by over 2000 a month, and sales are up, the owner is thrilled. It lost a PR point on Google a couple of rounds ago, but if getting far more hits, being found for far more different search keywords and key phrases, and with sales skyrocketing everyone is happy.

I'm still working on the site , and am teaching it's owner to do her own optimization, she seems to be picking it up quickly. has had a make-over in the past month, I got rid of the CMS that was there, and created a directory for NZ owned websites.

I'm also doing the SEO work on three other websites, that are about to be opened.

www. Aotea. net is a web hosting website one of 6 we have built for the same company is about to be my next SEO job.

That site is going to be a real challenge, since there are at least 10 other sites owned by the same person, that have the same content on them. Google hasn't banned the site, but it seems to have put the site onto some kind of bad list, and is only visiting the site about 30 times a month, a site that size should be having Google visit at least 500 times a month, even if the content doesn't change. Read about the results of SEO for one of these sites here

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