How long does a website

I’m often asked how long does it take to get a website established.

It’s one of those all depends Answers.

But very briefly, if you just make a website and never link to it from anywhere, and no-one else does, Google may not find it for ages (years) although generally now Google does find a link to it generated from so site or other. But I have seen a 2 year old site that had no pages in Google at all.

If you have a website that you’ve submitted to search engines and that’s all, you are probably looking at least 1 year to become establish, it still won’t rank in search engines searches for anything but very specific searches, but it will be establish. (ready for SEO)

For a new website (depending on how many pages) and the SEO is done correctly and done right at the start, you’re looking at 1-4 months to become establish, and start to rank in search engines.

For an old website that has a few links to it, and was submitted to search engines, has been around for say 2-10 years, that gets an SEO done, I have seen the result of the SEO start to show in less than 2 days and stabilize in search engines ranking within a month.

There are exceptions to every rule above, this is just a general idea.

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