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A study done in July 2008 by TMP Directional Marketing showed that slightly more people were now using the internet to search for local businesses than using the printed yellow pages.

This is a big change as yellowpages have always ruled for local businesses. The study also showed that people preferred to actually purchase the product offline, which was a bit of a surprise for me, but with problems with secure websites or lack of secure websites, I guess I can see that although people found the product they wanted online, they prefer to go to their local store to buy it.

This development though begs the question should businesses that only cater to local clients spend more money on SEO rather than adding shopping carts to their websites. Sure display your product range and prices, but if your site can't be found in search engines, then your website is perhaps a waste of time, unless of course you are happy to keep paying for advertising showing your url or something like google adwords.

Many business owners don't understand that SEO costs less than even a ½ page advertisement on a newspaper, and once SEO is done, it keeps working month after month, whereas a newspaper add is disposed of within a day or to.

I must admit I haven't priced yellow pages printed ad's here in San Diego, and yellowpages are kept unlike newspapers, but still yellowpages only last for a year, SEO is forever.

Sure as your competitors get their websites SEOed you may have to get your SEO to update your website.

I maybe one of the last SEO's that actually refuse to work on a competitors website, although realistically I could, and just make sure they don't compete for the exact same keywords and phrases.

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