Great SEO what can you expect from SEO

Many times prospective clients expect a lot from SEO, yet don't consider it is worth much paying for.

It is possible, I have done it several times, to have not only 1 of a sites pages listed at say #1 on the search results page, but also if enough is invested in a good SEO like me, to also have say 9 or 10 results on the first page of google search results, or any search engine for that matter.

At present, doing a search for

seo hillcrest san diego

the first result for the map is our site then the next 11 results under the map are also for our SEO services here in San Diego. I could have done the SEO in such a way as to have 4 or 5 listings in the map section of the search, but didn't want to be greedy... :)

A search for
seo hillcrest
we have 9 out of the first page of results,

seo services hillcrest
we take the first 8 rankings, as we do for hillcrest seo, SEO Services San Diego,

And many searches for combination's of above we have at least 4 often 6 results on the first page of google search results, and if I'm very honest, I spend very little time doing out own seo anymore. If i worked on it more, I could rank highly for just
SEO San Diego
but I'm happy with 3rd in the map section and 3rd 4th and 5th in the natural or organic seo results.

Best Regards Lynny
- Getting On Google Expert

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