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How Long does SEO Take? That's a reason question, unfortunately the answer is it all depends. First do you mean  

How long does SEO take to DO? In other words, if you hire an seo to do your seo, how long will it take for them to their magic tricks?

This really depends on your SEO budget, how skilled your SEO is, and how often google and other search engines are visiting your site.... and if your site is search engine friendly in the first place. With my clients, I generally start on the SEO fairly quickly.

I do basic SEO, things that will make the search engines take notice, and start looking around the site more frequently, while the search engines are doing their thing, I do research finding out what are the best SEO strategy's for this particular site considering the budget.

implement those strategy's which use the budget in the best way. then if the clients budget allows I will carry on with the SEO making the website rank well permanently for highly sort after keyphrases. So the answer is,

A few days from when the SEO starts, for basic seo.

How long does SEO take to WORK?

For the seo work to start to appear in search engine rankings, can take anything from a few hours, to a few weeks, a lot depend on how often search engines are visiting the site, and if the navigation within the site is search engine friendly. (that's one reason I make quick changes, so I can see google progress through a site) I'm working on a site at the moment, it has over 300 pages, and yet google has only found 7 pages for a sitewide change I made over a week ago, just as a test.

Obviously something is very wrong. The problem is, the first results in search engines aren't final. So if you have SEO done and your site ranks #3 within a few days, then chances are that ranking will only maintain for a short while, it depend a lot on how popular the keywords are you are wanting to rank highly for.

In saying above I have worked on sites that don't want to rank for competitive keywords, or are niche sites, and their sites have ranked well quickly and stayed ranking highly for one phrase, we then branched out and started working on different keywords.

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