Great SEO costs more than $1000

Getting great results in search engines for relevant keywords for your business, which is what good SEO means, isn't something you can expect to pay one $1000 for.

But even if you are looking at say a budget of $5000-$10,000 for your business website to rank well in google, for many keywords/phrases, depending on the type of business you have and your competition you still can't expect your website to rank #1 for a single word or even 2 word searches.

I can't count the number of times I have had a client say they want to rank #1 for some generic word/s like Cars, motel, bar or real estate, and they are willing to pay $500 .... sorry, it aint going to happen.

Not even for 1000 x that budget, well ok, maybe half a million dollars it might be possible depending on the word, but it isn't going to happen overnight, not even in 6 months. In saying that, in Australian Google one of my clients ranks #3 for the keyword gemstones, but still wikipedia gets 1st and 2nd place.

That same client does rank #1 and #2 for just the word gemstones if you do the pages from Australia search Check here This site gets about 500 visitors a month for just the word.

This client has held these positions for the word gemstones for over 5 years after I finished doing her website optimization. At the time her optimization cost around $2500 I think. Even so, the word gemstones is a lot easier to optimize a site for, in a country specific search engine than if the site sold cars, or had a motel.

In general if you want to play with the big kids on the block in a search engine, you have to pay your SEO for the hugh amount of work they are going to have to do to get your site ranking that highly.

On the other hand for an odd word like Canz our businessname a search in will see our sites ranking 3rd and 4th, thats not a lot of good to us, unless someone remembers out business name though huh.

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