I think I have worked out how to make multiple directories.

Warning this post is just for fun, don't take seriously!!!!!!

I was just burbling away on my other blog, wondering how people could get banned for having too many backlinks to quickly, and I think I might know how or why.

If you were uncouth and into blackhat SEO have a directory database, and linked to the same database for several directory's then linked each directory to each other from a none database webpage. You could probably build up pagerank quite well correct?
Then is you entered new links into the database it would show up on several "different sites" in a matter of seconds. Do this say 300 domain names, and each domain name have say 10 subdomains, you'd have 3,000 websites.
I mean even if you had 300 databases just servicing their own subdomains, it still would be possible to add a new link to all 300 databases in a few hours. Result, would be 3,000 new links to your site in one day. If you sold that service, to even only $300 per sucker, (tell them it would take 30 days to do all those submittions), you'd only need what 20 suckers, to cover costs, and make a profit, it would probably be a couple of months before google caught on and banned your site. Then you could sell the domain names off cheap on ebay or something.

I wonder how long it would take for google to catch on, to get your pagerank up, you would need to add some content that was sort of unique, but hell you can buy content for 5 cents per page and if you that unclouth, you'd probably steal it anyway.....

Make you wonder if it could work huh, the databases would probably be slow, if you linked to them from too many sites, but you only want google to spider them anyway. Or would you.... you'd probably be gone before any of your poor suckers caught on.

I have been reading about all sorts of sleezy tricks people are doing to up ther page rank. I think my idea, is actually just pie in the sky and wouldn't work, but hell I exercised my brain, and had good fun, so what the hell.

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