Why the text in a link is important

You have all heard about getting backlinks to your site right? And how important they are correct? Well here's a well known way to double the impact of backlinks.

Instead of making a linking something like www.canzdesign.com like you usually do, make the linking words, use your websites keywords into a link, eg Best SEO Company in NZ if you click on either link, they will both go to the same place, but unless someone knows the name of your site already, in which case they probably wouldn't be searching for it, so they would or may be searching, in this case, for Best SEO in NZ. Google and most other Search Engines take special note of this linking text, even more than the title and meta tags or content on the page.

For proof of what I say try doing a search for "click here" you will find the adobe pdf reader is the #1 ranking in google, and yet on the page itself, or in the title or meta tags, you won't find any mention of the words "click here". But think of all the websites you have been to that have a pdf, and tell you to "click here" to download the pdf reader.

Using a bit of lateral thinking, you can see how a linking campaign using many different combinations of your main keywords, could make your site show highly in Search Engines for many many different keywords or keyphases, as I prefer to call them.

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Regards Lynn Bishop

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